We have a rock-solid commitment to the safety of our customers, their customers, and our team members. What does that commitment look like? It begins with our team. Our culture of safety includes POST Certified training, thorough communication, leading by example, and setting an expectation of everyone going home happy and healthy. Then we extend that culture to our customers. When we install or repair HVAC or refrigeration equipment, we are aware of the safety impacts of our work. We triple-check whatever we do to ensure the proper functioning of the units we work on. We care and it shows.


A safety based culture starts with careful staff training. Our team members have all completed the (P.O.S.T) Petroleum Oriented Safety Training program and are familiar with proper documentation, preparation and implementation required for the specific tasks involved on a hazardous jobsite.


It all boils down to choices: Before, during and after the task is completed, thoroughness is the rule. We maintain a Behaviour Based Safety approach – the priority which allows everyone to leave the jobsite each day safely.

the big picture

We prioritize the big picture and strive to deliver customer satisfaction while ensuring their safety.
the 5 e’s.


Experts say there are five principles of safety: education, encouragement, engineering, enforcement, and evaluation. Here’s how that looks at Coast Mountain. First, we train staff carefully in best safety practices that apply to their jobs. We encourage our team members to do their best and never expect them to put their well-being on the line. We engineer a healthy workplace by ensuring our equipment and vehicles are set up to keep staff and customers injury-free. We (gently yet firmly) enforce rules that are meant to support everyone’s well- being. And we include a safety component in our evaluations. This is the approach that is helping us to deliver a culture of safety that we’re truly proud of.